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Meet and Greet Luton Airport Parking Service

Meet and greet is the best Luton airport parking service, which is offered to the passengers of LLA. The parking procedure is simple and convenient.

Before Departure

First of all, you have to complete the booking procedure given on the website or by calling. In the procedure, you have to provide your departure and arrival details and your vehicle details. When you submit all the required information, an email will be sent to you which will confirm your booking. Save the details which the email contains.

On Departure

On the departure day, call the number given in the confirmation email just 20 minutes before you reach the terminal. The driver, appointed for your services, will be waiting for you there. Just reach out to him and he will begin the paperwork. If your car has any irregular functions, you should immediately tell him about it. After the paperwork, hand him over the car keys and then you can move towards the airport lounge. The driver will then take your car and park it in the compound.

On Arrival

On your arrival, when you have collected your baggage, call the company and the chauffeur will dispatch your car from the compound and take it to the terminal. You can then go to the terminal and take back your car. Note that if you find any extra damage on your vehicle, you should immediately claim it. Otherwise, when you have left the terminal, the company will not be responsible for any damages.

Benefits of Parking

Benefits of Parking Services

Longest Established Organisation

  • Your parking experience is enhanced.

  • You don’t have to look for a parking space yourself.

  • Parking facilities provide assistance to disabled persons.

  • Ultimate transport solution while you are away.

  • Extreme convenience is offered.